Tango Manual: Learning Missions

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1  Red Ring - Quickstart

1-A Mirror Game

1-B Shadow Legs

1-C Side-By-Side

1-D First Figure

1-E The Cross

2  Orange Ring - Ooh Ocho

2-A Forward Ocho

2-B Backward Ocho

2-C Parada Play

2-D Tango Sentence

2-E The Other System

2-F Soft Boleo - Bonus

2-G Turning Ochos - Bonus

3  Yellow Ring - Milonga Bam!

3-A The Box

3-B The Comb

3-C The Traspie

3-D Forward-Forward

3-E The Line - Bonus

3-F The Stair - Bonus

4  Green Ring - Hug & Walk

4-A Embrace Breath (Abrazo Touch)

4-B Ronda Rocks

4-C On-The-Body (Apilado)

4-D Open/Close

4-E Inline Walking (Caminar)

4-F Clock Game - Bonus

4-G Come & Go (Vaiven) - Bonus

5  Blue Ring - Milonguero Groove

5-A Rock Step Open

5-B Crossed Salida

5-C Ocho Cortado

5-D Milonguero Turn

5-E The Dark Side

5-F Follower’s Tuck - Bonus

5-G Milonguero Dip - Bonus

6  Purple Ring - Salon

6-A Classic Hugward

6-B Classic Handward

6-C First Full Turn (Full Turn Handward)

6-D The Barrida

6-E The Pugliese Turn

6-F Contraboleo - Bonus

6-G Lapiz/Enrosque - Bonus

7  Pink Zone - Technique

7-A Extension Muscles

7-B Spiral-Turn

7-C Turn Mirror

7-D Chair Exercise

7-E Boleo Drill

7-F Shrinking Turn

7-G Amague

7-H Overturned Ochos

7-I Urqiza Enrosque

7-J Slo-Mo Walk

8  White Zone - Practice Games

8-A The Balance Challenge

8-B Following the Follower

8-C Switch!

8-D Constraints Tanda

9  Appendix

AP-A The 12 Fundamental Techniques of Tango

AP-B How This Manual Works (TBA)

AP-C Glossary of Terms

AP-D How to Be A Teaching Buddy (A Crash Course)

AP-E Anatomy of a Mission

Active, Community-driven Project

The Tango Manual is under active development which means frequent additions and improvements. You are our community and we invite you to take part in both. To suggest an improvement, consult the instructions or go directly to the project issues.

Tango Roles and Gender Pronouns

Our assumption is that all students will learn and dance both the leader and follower roles. In the misson instructions, we have defaulted to masculine pronouns when referencing leader, and feminine pronouns when referencing follower. We establish this convention for the sake of ease and clarity and not in support of patriarchical assignment of gender roles. We are also aware that humans of the full gender spectrum, including nonbinary genders, are learning Tango. Our embrace extends to all.

The Operating Manual for Tango Printed Workbook and Journal

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The Tango Manual is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution Share-Alike 4.0 International License. It is attributed to Mitra Martin / www.mitramartin.com.

This is version 1.0 of the Tango Manual

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