AP-A The 12 Fundamental Techniques of Tango

  Not Competent Competent
Alignment Tilting, off-balance Standing straight, balanced, feet underneath you
Frontality Offset or unpredictable spacing Continuous facing from hips up, hold partner in front of you
Stillness Moving all the time Able to wait, pause for as many as 8 beats
Leader’s Intention Moves without inviting follower first Invites follower to extend, before moving
Extension Moves whole body at once Uses base leg to stretch free leg, before committing weight
Following, vs. Guessing Mentally guessing where to be and what to do Kinaesthetically feeling what’s needed to stay with leader
Follower’s Power Moving passively, timidly, or without energy; overly small steps Making decisive, active steps once committed - moving with conviction
Follow the Follower Leader steps to a pre-determined location Steps to a place that factors in follower’s interpretation of lead
Floorcraft Unable to manage couple’s location in space/in relation to other couples Able to advance in a single lane without passing, bumping, or stalling others
The Pivot Before The Step Incomplete pivots, extra pivots, stepping before pivot is completed, pivoting without balance, pivoting with legs apart A balanced pivot with legs together that prepares lower body for step
Quality of Embrace Tense arms, arms press down, gripping with hands, slack hands Arms and hands are light, supporting presence that is comfortable for partner
Rhythms Moving without reference to music Steps generally land on the downbeat, and QQS in double-times

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