AP-C Glossary of Terms

Advancing: The couple takes a step in which the leader steps toward the follower’s space

Alignment: Standing straight, balanced, feet underneath you

Close Embrace: Embrace with continuous flat frontal contact between torsos/upper bodies

Closed Side/”Dark” Side: The side of the embrace that you’re hugging each other. Leader’s right, follower’s left.

Crossed System: When both are stepping with their LEFT legs, OR with the RIGHT legs.

Double-Time: Twice as fast as the walking beat, usually counted ONE TWO THREE or THREE FOUR ONE.

Downbeat: The walking beat of the music, usually counted ONE, THREE

Downstream: Going with the line of dance, e.g., counterclockwise

Extension: Uses base leg to stretch free leg, before committing weight

Far Side: The side of the ocho-er’s body that’s further away from the partner.

Follow the Follower: Steps to a place that factors in follower’s interpretation of lead

Follow the Ronda: Able to advance in a single lane without passing, bumping, or stalling others

Follower’s Default: The follower’s grapevine, including the follower’s cross which is understood to happen automatically unless interrupted

Follower’s Power: Making decisive, active steps once committed - moving with conviction

Following vs Guessing: Kinaesthetically feeling what’s needed to stay with leader

Free Leg: The leg that doesn’t have weight on it

Frontality: Continuous facing from hips up, hold partner in front of you

Handward: Going in the direction of the opened side of the embrace.

Hugward: Going in the direction of the closed side of the embrace.

Inline Step: When one partner steps directly into the space vacated by the other partner’s extending leg.

Invitation: Invites follower to extend, before moving

Near Side: The side of the ocho-er’s body that’s closer to the partner.

Opened Side: The side of the embrace where you’re holding hands. Follower’s right, leader’s left.

Outside-Partner Step: When one partner steps into the space that is to the side of both partner’s legs.

Parallel System: Any situation where the leader steps with LEFT and follower with RIGHT, OR vice versa.

Practice Embrace: Asymmetrical embrace with square shape

Practice Hold: Holding each other’s elbows, with leader’s arms underneath.

Quality of Touch: Arms and hands are light, supporting presence that is comfortable for partner

Retreating: The couple takes a step in which the follower steps toward the leader’s space

Standing Leg: The leg you’re standing on

Stillness: Able to wait, pause for as many as 8 beats

The Embrace: Softly v-shaped organic shape that emerges from holding each other close; flexible and adaptable in proximity, allows for rolling, continuously changing to allow for room for expression.

The Pivot Before The Step: A balanced pivot with legs together that prepares lower body for step

Upstream: Going against the line of dance, e.g., clockwise

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