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Open-source Tango Curriculum

This free, open-source, collaboratively-edited curriculum provides structure for the first 30-60 hours of beginner-level tango learning. It consists of easy-to-use learning missions with teaching instructions and videos that intermediate and advanced dancers can use to integrate newcomers to tango.

Peer-to-peer learning

The missions are designed for peer-to-peer learning and involve one-on-one sessions for each lesson, for each student. These one-on-one sessions bring together teaching tailored to the particular student’s level and abilities, and deep learning-while-teaching for the more advanced dancer (buddy) presenting the material.

In our experience, the peer-to-peer learning process results in the emergence of strong, well-connected communities. We are very excited to see it applied on a large scale.

For tango community organizers and university tango clubs

We know that tango community organizers in smaller communities and in university tango clubs need to to regularly bring new curriculum. We believe that a systematic, well-tested, evolving curriculum can be especially useful to such organizers as well as any organization intending to bring tango to its members.

Basic language

Here is a glossary of terms we are using in this manual.

Our values

We seek to model and expand values that support connection, including:


Elements of this curriculum come from the work of generous tango teachers who also care about the expansion and spread of this beautiful form of connecting. Our hope is that this work ultimately contributes to a flourishing tango community and a work ecosystem that nourishes them creatively, socially, and financially. They include:

Daniel Trenner, David Lampson, Fabienne Bongard, Felipe Martinez, Homer & Cristina Ladas, Isaac Oboka, Jaimes Freidgen, Korey Ireland, Rebecca Shulman, Robin Thomas, Sharna Fabiano, Stefan Fabry, Tomas Howlin, and all the giants upon whose shoulders we all stand.

Please let us know if you recognize the work of any other tango professional in the content of this curriculum so that they can be acknowledged.

The concept of peer-to-peer learning for tango has been developed in part at Oxygen Tango with the help and support of Thomas Fischer, Andrei Andreev, Stefan Fabry, Alex Bartos, David Lampson, Magan Wiles, and others. The manual project is currently maintained and edited by Mitra Martin.

The Operating Manual for Tango Printed Workbook and Journal

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Questions? Feedback?

Do you have suggestions for improving this manual? Ideas for different missions? Or, would you like to learn to teach it? Email us.

The Tango Manual is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution Share-Alike 4.0 International License. It is attributed to Mitra Martin / www.mitramartin.com.