Purple Ring - Salon

6-G Lapiz/Enrosque


Making the leader’s free leg pretty in the turn


  1. Have them walk through the follower’s part: F, O, B, O, F handward
  2. Lead them in the turn a few times in practice hold
  3. Lead them in it using as close of an embrace as you can
  4. Interleave it with a few other turns for half a song
  5. Have them practice the leader’s new, weird pivot-back-tuck-pivot-lapiz thingy solo
  6. Roughdraft the leader’s part in practice hold: – After follower’s forward ocho, as she steps side, leader pivots left foot left and tucks right foot back behind left – Leader pivots on left front foot, with legs crossed tight, to show right side of body to follower – Leader transfers weight to right back foot as follower transitions from side to back – Lapiz with left during follower’s back-side-forward – End with a parada of forward ocho
  7. Have them lead it in a “real” embrace
  8. Have them interleave it with other turning elements



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