Purple Ring - Salon

6-E The Pugliese Turn


The infinite turn


  1. Lead them in the Classic Hugward a couple times.
  2. Follow them in the Classic Hugward a couple times.
  3. Explain this adds 1 more grapevine cycle to the Classic Hugward.
  4. Have them do the follower’s footwork: F, O, B, O, F, O, B.
  5. Lead the turn several times. It ends with parada-pasada.
  6. Lead them, interleaving with other turns and ochos.
  7. Show them leader’s setup: crossing left foot over right then pivoting on both feet ending in right foot over left with back left foot free. They will need to practice it a bunch of times solo.
  8. Have them lead it slowly in practice hold several times, seeing how and when invitations are supported by footwork.
  9. Have them lead it in a ping-pong-ball embrace.
  10. Have them lead, interleaving it with other turns and ochos.



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