Purple Ring - Salon

6-D The Barrida


Foot drag surprise variation on backward ocho


  1. Practice isolation of right leg: from extended backwards to extended forwards and vice versa.
  2. Lead the barrida slowly in practice hold. – Switch to crossed system and then lower to pause both with legs split-weight – Pivot to make sure your (leader’s) hips are facing barrida destination – Touch follower’s forward foot with leader’s knee on outside of her knee – Invite follower’s weight back, til front leg is free – Drag front leg until it is in a full backward extension – End with parada/pasada to forward ochos
  3. Lead it in a comfortable close embrace.
  4. Interleave it with Backwards Ochos, Parada Play, Classic Handward.
  5. Help them through the leader’s footwork: talk and walk through it in practice hold
  6. Have them lead it a few times practice hold
  7. They lead in close embrace
  8. They interleave with other elements.



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