Purple Ring - Salon

6-C First Full Turn [Full Turn Handward]


The first full turn is surprisingly easy


  1. Help them walk through follower’s part: full turn starts & ends with forward
  2. Show “americano” where both do big forward ocho
  3. Lead them in the turn a few times
  4. Help them do the leader’s footwork: Pivot-cross inward left over right, pivot a lot (270 degrees?) while crossed, final tiny step (or weight change) with right foot
  5. Help them walk through the turn in practice hold slowly, experiencing how the leader’s footwork functions to support invitations for the follower
  6. Have them do it normal speed a few times
  7. Have them try it with close embrace – how close can we stay?
  8. Have them lead it, interleaving it with the previous 2 turns.



Watch the mission

BETTER ENDING THAN VIDEO: Instead of leader making a forward step, leader can change weight in place. Finish with shared side step.

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