Purple Ring - Salon

6-A Classic Hugward


Intro to fancy-pants tango turns


  1. Explain follower’s grapevine default
  2. Help them walk through follower’s part from cross in practice hold: forward, side, back, ending with parada/pasada
  3. Lead a few times til it’s smooth
  4. Interleave with other elements, alternate between leading turn vs repeated forward ochos
  5. Now with embrace: Start in close embrace, open to ping-pong-ball distance at the cross, lead the turn, return to close embrace
  6. Have the do the swivelly leader’s footwork solo
  7. Help them walk through the leader’s part of the turn slowly, talk them through it in practice hold
    • After cross, as leader invites forward ocho, steps with left foot opposite direction to follower’s forward step
    • As he leads side step, he swivels to find sacada with right
    • Switch feet to parada her back step
  8. Now have them lead it with the embrace described above



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