Blue Ring - Milonguero Groove

5-G Milonguero Dip


Ultra-dynamic swirly finish for compact left turn


  1. Lead and follow the Milonguero Turn several times to review
  2. Walkthrough follower’s part of Dip: milonguero turn where follower’s cross is replaced by little forward step plus big pivot and final forward ocho
  3. Lead the Dip slowly in practice hold ending with receiving forwards ocho
  4. Lead it a few times in close embrace til it’s working fluidly
  5. Lead them interleaving with previous missions in ring.
  6. Help them do leader’s two-footed pivot: from open stance, pivots left on both feet & brings knees together
  7. Give them specific leader’s footwork: When follower steps side, leader extends side in opposite direction, then does two-footed pivot (that should cause her to pivot a lot upon full weight transfer)
  8. Help them lead it a few times in practice hold so they feel how the parts connect
  9. Have them lead it on-the-body
  10. Have them lead it, interleaving with previous missions in this ring



Watch the mission

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