Blue Ring - Milonguero Groove

5-F Follower's Tuck


Super useful cute tiny back tuck or mini-“volcada”


  1. Help them do the follower’s tuck solo a few times to warm up
  2. Distingush tuck from a pivot-ocho, and have them do both
  3. Have them feel and follow your lead as you invite each part distinctly and very slowly: – the back extension from left-footed travelling crossed system ocho – the tuck (“plop!”) – the untuck
  4. Lead it several times in close embrace
  5. Lead, interleaving with previous missions in this ring.
  6. Help them stumble-through it as a leader in practice hold: They go into crossed system and take (very small!) first step on left side (open side), lead the back extension, tuck, and untuck, then walk out in crossed system to the cross
  7. Once it’s clear, have them lead it in close embrace
  8. Have them lead, interleaving with previous missions in this ring.



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