Blue Ring - Milonguero Groove

5-C Ocho Cortado


The oldest move in the book that never gets old


  1. Review the cross that they already know
  2. Explain that this is similar BUT instead of crossing from a back extension, follower crosses from an open step
  3. Help them do the weirdest part for follower: stand split weight in open step, pivot right leg inward, sucking the left leg into the cross
  4. Help them do the entire follower’s footwork solo
  5. Take a practice hold and lead them in it
  6. Lead with on-the-body contact with continuous tone, no arms
  7. Add embrace and repeat til it’s pretty consistent
  8. Interleave with Rock-Step-Open to practice improvising
  9. Help them practice isolating turning ribcage. Hold their hips still as they open right, left.
  10. In practice hold sync this ribcage opening/closing to follower’s open, cross.
  11. Help them lead it in practice hold
  12. Have them practice-lead it on-the-body with embrace
  13. Have them interleave it with Rock-Step-Open



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