Green Ring - Hug & Walk

4-E Inline Walking (Caminar)

The deceptively simple challenge of walking together


The goal of this mission is walking inline in close embrace. You might think that this is so basic and elementary that it should be one of the first missions. However, it actually takes a lot of technique (clearly invited and perceived back extensions), which is why it is a level 4 mission – and one you will probably be refining your whole tango life!


  1. Warm up with extensions. In practice embrace, follower extends backwards, returns. Leader shadows, matches.
  2. Now leader invites extension without moving his feet. Hint: solar plexus!
  3. Once the extension feels like it’s being clearly communicated, the leader shadows and matches with free leg.
  4. Repeat 1-2 in a close embace.
  5. Now lead 2 steps inline, then side step. Repeat - this cycles the starting foot. Do this for about half a song.
  6. Try 4 steps inline.



Watch the mission

Note: The foot circles in the video are an EXTRA CHALLENGE BONUS. They are not the meat of the mission. Have fun!

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