Green Ring - Hug & Walk

4-C On-The-Body [Apilado]


How to hold your partner with firm connection between the torsos (“on-the-body”), and how to maintain this while moving


  1. Both stand upright, solo, chin low, neck long.
  2. Move weight toward fronts of feet, then back.
  3. Now stand facing frontally and do the same thing finding contact at follower’s sternum (no arms). (Turn noses to left to accommodate!)
  4. Explore different tones: Find a 1 on a scale from 1 to 10, a 10, a 5
  5. Calibrate to a 4.
  6. Maintain #4 tone while doing weight changes, side steps.
  7. Find a different number, like #7, sync up and do side steps.
  8. Add arms and keep focus on contact between upper bodies
  9. Switch roles.



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