Green Ring - Hug & Walk

4-b Ronda Rocks


How to enter the dance floor by making eye contact with other leaders, and using rocks to navigate


  1. Introduce counterclockwise line of dance with concentric lanes
  2. Demonstrate entering the dance floor: eye contact with leader, enter in front (If there isn’t a real ronda going, role-play: you pretend to be a leader dancing with an imaginary follower, they pretend to be a leader about to enter the dance floor with an imaginary follower.)
  3. Have them practice: Enter floor, take embrace, lead the cross, then stop/exit and try again.
  4. Review Tango Sentence
  5. Show, by leading them, that any of the steps in this combination can be rocked.
  6. Lead them through the ronda using the Tango Sentence in an embrace, rocking anytime you need to to avoid the tailgating the leader you’re following. Narrate what you’re doing as you do it.
  7. Have them practice rocking each step in the Tango Sentence.
  8. Have them lead you through the ronda in an embrace using the Tango Sentence, using rocks whenever needed to avoid tailgating.



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