Green Ring - Hug & Walk

4-A Embrace Breath (Abrazo Touch)


Embrace and synchonize breathing with steps (inhale=pause, exhale=step) as you do the first two figures.


  1. To warm up, improvise for half a song with no embrace, then switch roles for the other half.
  2. Walking side-by-side, one person sets pace and both pause on inhale, walk on exhale.
  3. Same thing, this time try to extend the exhale by taking more steps.
  4. Switch who’s setting the pace and do 3-4 again.
  5. Review the First Figure. In practice hold, using just this material, let every shared inhale be a pause and every shared exhale be movement.
  6. Switch roles.
  7. Build the embrace:
    • Stand in front of each other, hips facing hips. The follower sets the distance
    • Follower holds leader’s upper arm, and leader encircles followers’ body around ribcage.
    • Leader offers left hand, follower takes it, leader encloses hand
    • Focus on breath, standing tall, sensing points of contact and making whatever adjustments are needed to be comfortable, for 3 breaths
    • Do it again trying a slightly different distance
    • Try the other role
  8. Now, using the embrace you just built, lead them in the First Figure syncing inhales to pauses and exhales to movement.
  9. Interleave the Cross and the First Figure.
  10. Switch roles and do 9-10



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